Mission and Background
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CMESC is an independent non-profit research institution
supported by scholars of  regional and international
reputation in the areas of economics, politics and other
social studies who are committed to work together as a
think tank to promote economic, social and political
development in the countries of the Middle East in
general and Arab countries in particular.     

Canadians of Arab origin established the Center in
Montreal in hopes of upholding and spreading the democrat
ic Canadian values of freedom, multiculturalism, and tolerance by promoting the following broad objectives:

Contributing to the development and modernization of Middle Eastern countries, and to the achievement of the Millenium Development Goals (MDG's).

•        Promoting and supporting the transformation of the
Middle Eastern political regimes  into  democratic ones.

•        Encouraging the participation of civil society in
public debate and enhancing the role of non
governmental organizations (NGOs)  in promoting
better understanding and harmony within  and
between countries.

•        Increasing public awareness and promoting human
rights, good governance, gender equality, environmental sustainability, and lasting peace in the region.

•    Encouraging dialogue between people with different
ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds in order to
curtail violence and terrorism and support global peace.    

CMESC has Board of Trustees and Managerial staff . All members serve voluntarily and are not compensated for their work.


CMESC’s  mission is
to contribute to the
local, regional and
international  efforts to
develop and transform
the countries of the
Middle East into
developed democratic
societies that support
peace and global

The vision of CMESC is
to network and form
liaisons with Canadian
and international
institutions that share
its concerns and
objectives  in order to
bring about a more
effective influence of the
Center’s  research on
the policy making and
development in the
Middle East.   

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